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MISS YOU/FAR AWAY EYES released 43 years ago

May 19, 1978: Release of the MISS YOU / FAR AWAY EYES 7″ and 12 singles (Rolling Stones Records EMI 2802 and 12 EMI 2802, pink vinyl)
The disco-entrenched four on the floor disco beat of Miss You more than any other ’70s track, opened up avenues only Mick Jagger had ever thought the band were capable of exploring. It provided them with their most contemporary and distinctive sound since the chart-topping Brown Sugar. In the States it became their most successful No. 1 ever, even out-pacing the monumental Honky Tonk Women. The latter had a run of 14 weeks in the charts while the media catapulted Miss You for 16 weeks. Time was certainly on the Stones’ side. The single release was made in the usual 7″ format but also for the first time on glorious 12-inch, where an extended version was mixed by Bob Clearmountain to eight and a half minutes. Joining the band was harpist Sugar Blue, Ian McLagan on Wurlitzer electric piano and Mel Collins the saxophonist. The bass line by Bill Wyman was impressive. In May/June 2002, Dr. Dre remixed Miss You for the new Austin Powers movie soundtrack featuring ’70s music.

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