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Born: June 1 1947 (Hillingdon, Middlesex, England)
*From the “The Rolling Stones A-Z” book (1984):
“Honest” Ron Wood/Woody/Ronnie is the Stones’ Stone—a favorite within and without the Rolling Stones, who has the distinction of being the only band member to be a rock star before being a Rolling Stone. Growing up with two musically motivated brothers, in a household where his father also was in a band, Ron started learning clarinet, drums, and washboard at an early age, making his debut on the last at the age of nine in his brothers’ skiffle band. He studied art and briefly worked as a sign painter while playing guitar in his early- to mid-sixties band, the Birds. When they broke up, he joined the Jeff Beck Group on bass, and finally, in 1969, the Faces, where he found worldwide fame and fortune as lead guitarist. Ron was the Stones’ choice to replace guitarist Mick Taylor in 1975, but Ron was reluctant to leave the Faces, although he did accompany the Stones on their 1975 Tour of the Americas as a guest artist. In December 1975, upon Rod Stewart’s leaving the Faces, Ron left too, becoming the seventh “official” Stone and taking over Keith’s dreaded job as onstage foil to Mick. The rest is history…

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