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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Keith Richards and Charlie Watts, about Darryl Jones instead of Bill Wyman (1997)

Keith and Charlie, about Darryl Jones instead of Bill Wyman (1997)
Keith: “I miss Bill. I turn around and say, Where’s that skinny white guy? Instead there’s a big spade. Hey Darryl! But I’ve always admired Bill’s playing. He could swing it. Very understated. I always enjoyed playing with Bill very much. At the same time, we have another bass player now and he’s good too, you know. I miss Bill’s not being there, but at the same time I’ve got to respect his decision. So now he’s relaxing. He’s got two new kids. Hey, enjoy it, Bill, Good luck, pal.”
Charlie: “We’ve been playing together for quite a long while now. Darryl’s a wonderful bass player, but he’s also a very nice young man. The thing about asking people to work with you is that you have to live with these people on the road. Darryl is a very nice man, and that’s important. He’s also a very good musician. He probably only uses half of his facilities with us.”

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