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Bill Wyman and Keith Richards about pre-Elvis Presley music

Bill and Keith about pre-Elvis music:
Bill: “Before I took up an instrument I heard something that really did astound me: Les Paul and Mary Ford singing The World Is Waiting For the Sunrise. I heard the electric guitar and that amazing stuff Les Paul did: I’ve been a fan ever since. That was like 2 or 3 years before Elvis. I always wanted to be in a band, because I’d done some piano lessons as a really small boy, passed two grades.”
Keith: “There was some very good jazz. And all those novelty songs – Shut the Door (They’re Comin’ Through the Window) – a barrage of that banality. But luckily, through my mother, I was listening to Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong and stuff, you know? And through jazz, I knew quite a lot about black music.”

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