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A farm in the southwest of the village of Hartfield, East Sussex, fifty miles southeast of London, which Brian Jones bought for £31,500 in November 1968. The building was bought as a country home by the author A. A. Milne in 1925, who wrote all of his Winnie the Pooh books at the house. William the Conqueror had also once lived at Cotchford. Sadly, that’s the place where Brian died on the night of July 2 1969. The house retains some of the fittings he installed, including coloured lighting and glazing. It was bought by Alistair Johns in 1970 and became a Grade II listed building in 1982. The house was put on sale for £2m in April 2012, including its 9.5 acres plot with the heated outdoor swimming pool and fishpond. It failed to sell, and was put up for sale again in 2016, and was sold for £1.8m in June 2017.

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