rolling stones chronology september 4On this day... - Chronology


Sept. 4, 1963: Eel Pie Island, Twickenham, England

Sept. 4, 1965: ABC Theatre, Belfast, Northern Ireland (2 shows)

Sept. 4, 1970: Rasunda Fotbollsstadion, Stockholm, Sweden

Sept. 4, 1970: Release of ‘GET YER YA-YA’S OUT! THE ROLLING STONES IN CONCERT’, the Stones’ second live album ever.
SIDE A: 1. Jumping Jack Flash/ 2. Carol/ 3. Stray Cat Blues/ 4. Love In Vain/ 5. Midnight Rambler
SIDE B: 1. Sympathy For The Devil/ 2. Live With Me/ 3. Little Queenie/ 4. Honky Tonk Women/ 5. Street Fighting Man
Pete Townshend on Ya-Ya’s (1970): “I think the Stones have really, as as far as I’m concerned, they’re really way back on top, and I’m so knocked out! Because I know they probably lost two years of development which would make them just GIANTS by now. But it’s so incredible that they can come bouncing back. You know their live sound like on that live album, it’s got all that kind of… it’s not a GREAT sound and it’s not a GREAT band playing on it or anything but there’s all those dynamics, those kind of little rough edges and those things – I don’t know how to put it – the friction and the whole thing is all there, you just get the shiver up your spine. And it’s incredible…”

Sept. 4, 1973: Sporthalle, Cologne, West Germany (2 shows)

Sept. 4, 1989: C.N.E. Stadium, Toronto, Canada
Start Me Up/Bitch/Sad Sad Sad/Undercover Of The Night/Harlem Shuffle/Tumbling Dice/Miss You/Ruby Tuesday/Play With Fire/Dead Flowers/One Hit/Mixed Emotions/Honky Tonk Women/Rock And A Hard Place/ Midnight Rambler/You Can’t Always Get What You Want/Little Red Rooster/Before They Make Me Run/Happy/Paint It Black/2000 Light Years From Home/Sympathy For The Devil/Gimme Shelter/It’s Only Rock’n Roll/Brown Sugar/Satisfaction/Jumping Jack Flash

Sept. 4, 1994: Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro, MA, USA
Not Fade Away/Tumbling Dice/You Got Me Rocking/Shattered/Rocks Off/Sparks Will Fly/Satisfaction/Beast Of Burden/Out Of Tears/Wild Horses/All Down The Line/Miss You/Brand New Car/I Go Wild/Band introduction/Honky Tonk Women/Before They Make Me Run/The Worst/Love Is Strong/Monkey Man/Street Fighting Man/Start Me Up/It’s Only Rock’n Roll/Brown Sugar/Jumping Jack Flash

Sept. 4, 1997: The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, Canada (surprise gig)
Mick Jagger on The Horseshoe gig: “Actually it was a lot of fun, it was better than the ones we’d done before, in clubs. ‘Cause sometimes they can be, I mean nobody notices, but they can be complete disasters if everyone forgets everything (laughs). But this one was pretty good.”

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