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“THE EXCITING STONES!” (Record Mirror, 1964)

Record Mirror, England, January 18 1964

YES it’s the Rolling Stones, the London lads with the long hair and the pounding rhythm and blues music. Good news for their many fans inside and outside London is that their long-awaited E.P. titled “The Rolling Stones” is issued this week on the Decca label. Titles are “Bye Bye Johnny”, “Money”, “You Better Move On” and “Poison Ivy”. The first mentioned is one of the most popular numbers in their act while the others are all R & B classics given the Rolling Stones treatment.

More news is that an L.P. is currently being cut of the boys. Some of the titles on the LP are, provisionally, ‘”Carol”, the Old Chuck Berry number, “Mona”, a Bo Diddley Diddley number and another big ‘live’ favourite of the boys “Route 66”. Two of the boys, Mick Jagger & Keith Richards are having a close look at the U.S. charts at the moment. The reason? Well, Gene Pitney’s newie “That Girl Belongs To Yesterday” was penned by them—and good news is that it enters the ‘Cashbox Top 100’ this week. By way of a tribute to boys there’s a number on the flip of new girl singer Cleo’s “To Know Him Is To Love Him” called “There Are But Five RollingStones”. It’s a piano lead instrumental that was recorded on the first take -an unusual occurrence.

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