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Mick and Keith, on meeting each other

Mick and Keith, on meeting each other:
Mick: “I can’t remember when I didn’t know (Keith). We lived one street away; his mother knew my mother, and we were at primary school together from 7 to 11. We used to play together, and we weren’t the closest friends, but we were friends… I distinctly remember this conversation I had with Keith. I asked Keith what he wanted to do when he grew up. He said he wanted to be like Roy Rogers and play guitar. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the Roy Rogers bit but the part about guitar did interest me… Keith and I went to different schools when we were 11, but he went to a school which was really near where I used to live. But I always knew where he lived, because my mother would never lose contact with anybody, and she knew where they moved. I used to see him coming home from his school, which was less than a mile away from where I lived…”
Keith: “Yes, that’s how long we’ve known each other. He also lived around the corner from me, so we’d see each other on our tricycles and hang around here and there. Later, we started going to different schools, but I’d still run into him now and again. I once saw Mick outside Dartford Library selling ice creams from a trolley-summer job…”

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