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ROLLING STONES ON VIDEO: NME Concert 1968 (silent film)

Snippets of the Stones playing ‘Jumping Jack Flash’ and ‘Satisfaction’ at the NME Pollwinners Concert, Empire Pool, Wembley, England, May 12 1968

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  1. I wonder if my french friends & Hampstead hub know of anyone who had the sound engineered as the Europeans were technically more advanced in the 60s & 70s & did not take to punk ?

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  2. NB Long John Baldry rehearsed at Landmark Trust Teddington [ nr studios & Lock] on his way Last saw Liz Gill RCA his good mate [ artist make up ] then. One of them he worked with KathI McDonald who took over from Janis Joplin’S Holding Company .The Stones like Leonard Cohen knew a good backing singer when they saw one PP Arnold still as great as ever & more promotion is needed for the women then such as Christtine Purrfect [ mCVie ] as with Joanne kelly ,Dave’s [ Blues Band’s sister] who tragically died of a brain tumour just as voted number one Blues singer used to go to many a pub gig as all session musicians I knew were about to be a band with her & some ended up with Stan Webb who is still around & did a 100 Club Gig last year .Have heard some of his own songs years ago at Colne Blues Festival great .Likewise Maggie & Madeline Bell,Glaswegian? Maggie re the great Alex Harvey Band was at Colne too Great British Blues Festival Sam brown too & Dusty Springfield Ready Steady Go NB London in 60s & 70s private group all the pioneers especially photographers .


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