rolling stones chronology october 21On this day... - Chronology


Oct. 21, 1989: Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Start Me Up/Bitch/Sad Sad Sad/Undercover Of The Night/One Hit/ Tumbling Dice/Miss You/Ruby Tuesday/Play With Fire/Dead Flowers/Rock And A Hard Place/Mixed Emotions/Honky Tonk Women/Midnight Rambler/ You Can’t Always Get What You Want/Before They Make Me Run/Happy/ Paint It Black/2000 Light Years From Home/Sympathy For The Devil/Gimme Shelter/It’s Only Rock’n Roll/Brown Sugar/Satisfaction/Jumping Jack Flash

Oct. 21, 1992: Release of BILL WYMAN’s CD ‘Stuff’ (Japan-release only)
1, If I Was A Do Do Do/ 2. Like A Knife/ 3. Stuff/ 4. Leave Your Hat On/ 5. This Strange Effect/ 6. Mama Rap/ 7. She Danced/ 8. Fear Of Flying/ 9. Affected By The Towns/ 10. Blue Murder

Oct. 21, 1994: Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA, USA
Not Fade Away/Tumbling Dice/You Got Me Rocking/Shattered/Rocks Off/ Sparks Will Fly/Satisfaction/Beast Of Burden/Memory Motel/All Down The Line/Love Is Strong/It’s All Over Now/I Go Wild/Miss You/Band introduction/ Honky Tonk Women/ Happy/The Worst/Sympathy For The Devil/Monkey Man/ Street Fighting Man/Start Me Up/It’s Only Rock’n Roll/Brown Sugar/ Jumping Jack Flash

Oct. 21, 1998: Release of QUIET MELON II’s CD ‘Money Due’, with Ronnie as guest on two tracks: 1. Knee Deep In Nephews/ 2. Meet Me in the Bottom

Oct. 21, 2002: Release of Bill Wyman’s coffee-table book ROLLING WITH THE STONES

Oct. 21, 2005: New Charlotte Arena, Charlotte, NC, USA
Start Me Up/You Got Me Rocking/Shattered/Tumbling Dice/Oh No, Not You Again/Ruby Tuesday/All Down The Line/Night Time/Band introduction/The Worst/Infamy/Miss You/Rough Justice/It’s Only Rock’n Roll/Honky Tonk Women/Sympathy For The Devil/Paint It Black/Brown Sugar/Jumping Jack Flash

Oct. 21, 2011: Release of TOM WAITS’ CD ‘Bad As Me’, with Keith as guest on four tracks: 1. Chicago/ 2. Satisfied/ 3. Last Leaf/ 4. Hell Broke Luce

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