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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Charlie Watts, about his 1985 junkie period: “During this period, I was…”

Charlie, about his 1985 junkie period (2001):
“During this period, I was personally in a hell of a mess and as a result I wasn’t really aware of the problems between Mick and Keith and the danger these posed to the band’s existence. I was in pretty bad shape, taking drugs and drinking a lot. I don’t know what made me do it that late in life – well, to Keith, it wasn’t late enough! – although in retrospect I think I must have been going through some kind of mid-life crisis. I had never done any serious drugs when I was younger, but at this point in my life I went, Sod it, I’ll do it now – and I was totally reckless. What scared me was that I became a completely different person by going down that path, a totally different person to the one that everybody had known for over 20 years… This phase lasted for a couple of years, but it took a long time for me, and my family, to get over it. I was another person, I was Dracula in the mid-’80s. I used to go out at night, it was ridiculous… It was the life of a junkie, without being really down there. I saw it before I really got down there. And it’s a thing that frightens me, actually… I can’t explain it, I don’t know why I did it.”

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  1. Yes..we never know why we do it …but that never stopped us.. stopping it is another matter.. a very hard thing to do for some.. they are called hardened addicts.. junkies..
    Sad but really human..


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