rolling stones chronology january 4On this day... - Chronology


Jan. 4, 1963: Red Lion Pub, Sutton, England (without Bill and Charlie, with Colin Golding on bass)

Jan. 4, 1964: Town Hall, Oxford, England

Jan. 4, 1968: The University of California announces that students taking music degrees would have to study the music of the Stones, saying they had made an important contribution to modern music.

Jan. 4, 1971: Keith and Anita attend the British premiere of ‘Performance’ at the Warner West End Cinema, in London.

Jan. 4, 1971: The Stones are informed they are denied work permits in Australia, which jeopardizes their upcoming Australasian tour.

Jan. 4, 2013: Release of the ‘CROSSFIRE HURRICANE’ DVD, a 2-hour documentary featuring footage from 1964 to 1981, directed by Brett Morgan, plus bonus tracks: Satisfaction-I’m Alright (live in Münster 1965)/ interview with director Brett Morgan/ making-of Crossfire Hurricane (“The Sound And Music Of Crossfire Hurricane”) theatrical trailer for Crossfire Hurricane.

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