rolling stones belfast 1965Flashback


Jan. 6, 1965: ABC Theatre, Belfast, Northern Ireland (2 shows)
Keith: “We stopped at an old clothing shop, sort of an army surplus, in a little village on the road to Cork. We went in and this old Irishman grabbed hold of Brian’s balls and dragged Brian outside and pointed to the church tower, there’s these huge holes in it, and he said, Cromwell’s balls did that, now let me see what I’m gonna do to your balls. So Brian got his cock out and pissed all over his old overcoats and everything. We all went haring out of the shop and leapt in the car, and – he was very old, this cat – and suddenly he leapt up across the street and onto the bonnet of the car and started kicking the windscreen with his huge boots.”

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