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ROLLING STONES UNRELEASED: ‘BENT GREEN NEEDLES’ (early version of ‘Sweet Black Angel’)

*Early version of ‘Sweet Black Angel’
Also known as ‘Black Angel’
Written by: Jagger/Richard
Recorded: March-May 1970, July-Oct.-Nov.-Dec. 1971, Jan.-March 1972: Rolling Stones Mobile (Nellcote, France), Stargroves (Newbury, England), Olympic Sound Studios (London, England), Sunset Sound and RCA Studios, Los Angeles, USA
Guest musicians: Nicky Hopkins (piano), Amyl Nitrate (Richard ‘Didymus’ Washington, percussion), Jimmy Miller (percussion)

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  1. For old times sake my comment I wrote a song named “Black haired Angel”, a song about Graceland(U.S.A.). Never recorded my song. In my archive I must look for the date of writing.The song is about an Indian woman from Canada with connections to The Presley-family. I met the Indian woman in 1971 in Switzerland..Fifteen years later I ended up at a house of The Rolling Stones in Northern France.Greetings from Hans the Streetmusician. 29/6/2021.

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