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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Keith Richards about his tensions with Mick Jagger (1988): “If things are perceived as…”

Keith Richards about his tensions with Mick Jagger (1988):
“If things are perceived as a power struggle, then Mick’s automatically gonna go against anything I propose, ’cause it’s my idea. But to me it’s no power struggle… But I mean, I’m not fautless either. A lot of this perceived struggle is down to me because of the whole thing I went through in the 70s. Dope and getting busted and all that. Mick took an awful lot on his shoulders. I never realized he actually got used to it. I left him to deal with all the business, where before we used to work very closely together on it. Then, when I cleaned up and said, Hey, I’m ready to help out again, he saw it as if he’d have to give up something that he had actually enjoyed wielding, not seeing that I had only temporarily forfeited the right to get involved. I ain’t knocking the cat at all. But when I came back, I didn’t want to believe that Mick was enjoying the burden. He could now control the whole thing; it became a power trip. I’ve heard the shit from the john, like, I wish he was a junkie again.

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