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On April 22 1964, the President of The National Federation of Hairdressers offered a free haircut to the next No.1 group in the UK pop charts. He said the Stones “are the worst, one of them looks as if he’s got a feather duster on his head.”
*All photos on this page taken from the Bob Bonis Archive at

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  1. Hi Larry. Not a problem, I thought that was ‘fair use’. I reckon I took the photographs from the internet, eventually, where there’s plenty of them, and not from the Bonis’ books, which I proudly have.

    <Especially since you haven’t even bothered to credit the photographer this is unacceptable.
    Aren´t they watermarked after all?

    I'm taking donations (which is always a voluntary thing, as anybody can still access the same site's contents without paying)

    Please let me know the pages those pictures are featured (please provide links) and I'll remove them right away.


    • The three photographs of Keith cutting Charlie’s hair are photographs by Bob Bonis, taken backstage before the Stones appearance on the Hullabaloo TV show, November 11, 1965, aired on November 15. © Bob Bonis Archive.

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