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Compilation album
Released: Jan. 1 1981
Record label: Decca TAB 30
SIDE A: 1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want/ 2. Take It Or Leave It/ 3. You Better Move On/ 4. Time Is On My Side/ 5. Pain In My Heart/ 6. Dear Doctor/ 7. As Tears Go By (Con Le Mie Lacrime)
SIDE B: 1. Ruby Tuesday/ 2. Play With Fire/ 3. Lady Jane/ 4. Sittin’ On The Fence/ 5. Back Street Girl/ 6. Under The Boardwalk/ 7. Heart Of Stone
• 29th U.K. album.
• Compiled by Tony Watts
• Art direction: David Wedgbury

From Wikipedia:
Slow Rollers is a compilation album of ballads by the Rolling Stones released in 1981. It is a follow-up to the compilation of rock and roll numbers a year earlier called Solid Rock. The main feature is the Italian version of ‘As Tears Go By’, which sees its first international release with this album. All other tracks were previously released in all markets. This is the last Decca compilation of Rolling Stones recordings.

Slow Rollers​ es un álbum recopilatorio de baladas de The Rolling Stones fue lanzado en 1981. Este álbum es la continuación del álbum recopilatorio de 1980 Solid Rock el cual se basaba más en canciones de Rock and roll más bien clásico. Esta es la última recopilación de los Stones que publicó la disquera Decca

From the AllMusic site:
File alongside your copy of the Beatles‘ Love Songs, similarly compiled for those who like their British Beat with the edges shaven off. Of course, the Rolling Stones never quite equalled LennonMcCartney‘s mastery of the art of the super-soppy ballad, and several of the 14 tracks here (“Dear Doctor” is the most pointed example) would certainly have been better saved for a parodies collection. Still, the Decca label vaults yawn wide to unearth what was then the super-rare Italian-language version of “As Tears Go By” (“Con le Mie Lagrime Cosi”), and for many collectors, that was sufficient. Another find for British fans was the American 45 edit of the opening “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” but the album’s greatest triumph, surely, is to remind people just how many genuinely beautiful love songs the Stones had performed.

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