International motorcycle gang whose London branch peacefully policed the Stones’ free Hyde Park Concert on July 3 1969. Later on, the US West Coast division was called in to perform the same function at the infamous Altamont festival. The Angels did the job for $500 worth of beer, but generated tons of bad publicity. During the concert one of the Angels allegedly stabbed 18-year old Meredith Hunter, a member of the audience who was aiming a gun at Mick during the show. The Angel was acquitted and sued the Stones for £2,000, claiming invasion of privacy when the incident was shown in the film Gimme Shelter. In early 1983 it was revealed in a Senate hearing by an ex-Hell’s Angel that the Angels had put a contract out on Mick in retaliation for what happened at Altamont, but Hells Angels leaders deny the story.

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