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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Mick Jagger about a new bass player for the Rolling Stones (1992): “We don’t need a permanent bass player…”

Mick Jagger about new bass player for the Rolling Stones (1992):
“We don’t need a permanent bass player. We want someone for the next project, which will be making an album and going on a tour, probably. After that, I’m not guaranteeing he’s going to work for the next 25 years (laughs) More like the next two years. The resumes are definitely coming now. It’s going to be quite difficult ’cause how do you know? They’re all going to be good people and it’s not a position which requires the finest technical brilliance. You have to play, but playing bass with the Rolling Stones is not a virtuoso show. So it’s going to be kind of hard, but ultimately I think it will result in a much more kicking rhythm section. But it will be different and it won’t be easy to replace someone who’s been playing in the rhythm section with Charlie and Keith for a very long time. I’m not underestimating Bill nor underestimating the fact that it’s going to be slightly different. But I think you’ve got to make a virtue out of these things.”

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