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The Day The Rolling Stones Threw A Party To Celebrate The Release Of Their BEGGARS BANQUET Album (1968)

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Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet’ party at the Gore Hotel, 1968

The Gore Hotel in Kensington, London, was the site of the real “beggars banquet” held in celebration of the release of the BEGGARS BANQUET album on December 5, 1968. The bash cost over £1,000 and ended with the Stones throwing custard pies in the faces of Decca Record executives (who had caused the LP’s late release), and in other guests.

From the Let It Bleed 50 site:
A press reception for The Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet is held at The Gore Hotel in London. The Stones held a rambunctious release party for the album at the elegant and historic Gore Hotel in London. Initially, the band wanted to launch the album with a party at the Tower of London but with that historic venue unavailable they opted to go the Elizabethan room of the hotel. The band, dressed as beggars, and their VIP media guests sat down in candlelight to be served a seven-course dinner by a coterie of corset-busting serving wenches. At some point during dessert, a visibly jolly Jagger decided to revel in a little slapstick and kicked off a huge food fight by smacking Jones in the face with a custard pie.

From The Oxford Mail:
Having launched their classic album Beggars Banquet, The Rolling Stones held a party to celebrate, choosing Bar 190 at The Gore, in London’s Kensington.
It being The Stones, it turned into a rambunctious party, with the festivities escalating into a full-on food fight with custard pies tossed about the wood-panelled bar and raucous carousing lasting long into the night.
The Gore took it all in its stride. This grande dame among London hotels is no stranger to celebrity, and continues to attract the rich and famous alongside the rest of us.