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April 21, 1962: Ealing Jazz Club, London, England
Jam session: Around And Around (unverified)
Line-up: Mick (vocals)/Keith (guitar)/Charlie (drums)/Dick Taylor (bass)/Cyril Davies (harmonica)

April 21, 1976: Women Against Violence Against Women called for a boycott of all Warner Communications albums after complaining about the promotional campaign for Stones’ new album Black and Blue, which was promoted with a controversial advertising campaign showing the model Anita Russell, bruised and bound, with the phrase ‘I’m Black and Blue from the Rolling Stones, and I love it!’
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April 21, 2007: Keith is in England at the bedside of his mother, Doris Dupree Richards, who passes away at age 91.
Keith on saying goodbye to his mum (2007): “I sat on the end of her bed two days before she kicked the bucket. I brought round a guitar and sat there and played her Malagueña. She’s gasping by now, she’s out of there, you know. Bye bye, mum, see you tomorrow. Next morning she wakes and tells my secretary who goes round to see her everyday, Did you hear Keith play? He was a bit ouf ot tune. To the end, man. Acid. Shit happens. See me mum off. Snorted me dad. I’m an orphan!”

April 21, 2017: Release of Brad Paisley’s CD LOVE AND WAR, with Mick as guest on one track: ‘Drive of Shame’

April 21, 2017: Release of Dickey Betts’ album LIVE AT THE LONE STAR ROADHOUSE, with Mick Taylor as guest on two songs: 1. Spoonful/ 2. Southboun

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