rolling stones chronology september 6Chronology


Sept. 6, 1963: Grand Hotel Ballroom, Lowestoft, England (without Brian)

Sept. 6, 1964: Odeon Theatre, Leicester, England (2 shows)

Sept. 6, 1970: Liseberg, Gothenburg, Sweden
Jumping Jack Flash/Roll Over Beethoven/Sympathy For The Devil/Stray Cat Blues/Love In Vain/Prodigal Son/You Gotta Move/Dead Flowers/Midnight Rambler/Live With Me/Let It Rock/Little Queenie/Brown Sugar/Honky Tonk Women

Sept. 6, 1973: In order to celebrate the release of their new album Goats Head Soup, the Stones hold a very expensive promotional party at Bleinheim Palace, in London, England

Sept. 6, 1974: Release of Ronnie’s 7″ single I CAN FEEL THE FIRE / BREATHE ON ME (Warner Brothers WB K 16463)

Sept. 6, 1989: Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Start Me Up/Bitch/Sad Sad Sad/Undercover Of The Night/Harlem Shuffle/Tumbling Dice/Miss You/Ruby Tuesday/Play With Fire/Dead Flowers/One Hit/Mixed Emotions/Honky Tonk Women/Rock And A Hard Place/ Midnight Rambler/You Can’t Always Get What You Want/Little Red Rooster/Before They Make Me Run/Happy/Paint It Black/2000 Light Years From Home/Sympathy For The Devil/Gimme Shelter/It’s Only Rock’n Roll/Brown Sugar/Satisfaction/Jumping Jack Flash

Sept. 6, 1994: Legendary and amazingly talented pianist Nicky Hopkins (who among other works took a major role in the Stones recordings in the late ’60s and early ’70s, as well as in the band’s shows at the time), dies at age 50 of health problems in Nashville.

Sept. 6, 1994: Release of RINGO STARR’s CD ‘Stop And Smell The Roses’, with Ronnie as guest on three tracks: 1. Dead Giveaway/ 2. Wake Up/ 3. Brandy (*also w/Keith on guitar)

Sept. 6, 2005: Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MI, USA
Start Me Up/You Got Me Rocking/She’s So Cold/Tumbling Dice/Rough Justice/Back Of My Hand/Beast Of Burden/Rocks Off/Night Time/Band introduction/The Worst/Infamy/Miss You/Oh No, Not You Again/Satisfaction/Honky Tonk Women/Sympathy For The Devil/Jumping Jack Flash/Brown Sugar/You Can’t Always Get What You Want/It’s Only Rock’n Roll

Sept. 6, 2010: Release of PETE BROWN & PHIL RYAN’s CD ‘Road Of Cobras’, with Mick Taylor as guest on two tracks: 1. Flag A Ride/ 2. 13th Floor

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