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The Rolling Stones live in Odense 1965
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March 26, 1965: Fyens Forum, Odense, Denmark (2 shows)
That’s the day when Bill Wyman was knocked unconscious by way of a 220-volt electric shock (see picture below) just as the Stones were beginning their first tour of Scandinavia. He wasn’t the only Stone to ride the lightning that day. Details are sparse, but the accident happened during a rehearsal at the Fyens Forum in Odense – and not an actual concert, as is sometimes reported.

Either because of a faulty microphone, or because he touched two live mics simultaneously, Mick received an electric shock that spun him around the stage – and into Brian. The guitarist, now shocked via Mick, then backed into Bill – who fell down, unconscious, onstage.The bassist eventually came to, although pictures exist of Wyman on the floor and Jagger and Charlie looking quite grave about the situation. The show’s promoter would later explain that Wyman was saved by happenstance when Mick accidentally pulled out the main plug while reeling from the shock. Bill, Mick and Brian recovered to play every show on the tour.

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