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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Bill Wyman about drugs and isolating himself from the band (1990)

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Bill Wyman on drugs and isolating himself from the band, 1990:
“Although I was strongly against drugs for myself, I was put in a vulnerable position by the pushers who were constantly around the band – in the studios, on the tour in dressing-rooms, hotels, planes, cars… I had to keep aware because if the cops did bust us I would have been thrown in jail together with the rest of them, as would Charlie. And who would believe that we weren’t involved?… I accepted that if I was in the band, it was something that had to be tolerated. But they wouldn’t lift a finger to help me in my family situation… So the ‘separatism’ built up… I hardly socialized with the others for ten years from about 1967.”


bill wyman quote drugs 1990

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