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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Keith Richards about Bill Wyman’s second solo album (1976): “I don’t mind Bill doing one album…”

Keith Richards about Bill Wyman’s second solo album (1976):
“I don’t mind Bill doing one album but I don’t see the point of copping it a second time. You don’t make the same mistakes twice. You can print this ’cause I told him. Do the same thing again and people question your motives. Bill is a great bass player. With Charlie, he’s a great rhythm section. But it’s the Mick Taylor syndrome. OK, you’re a guitar player, but that’s not enough. Then you also want to be a great songwriter. Suddenly it’s not enough to be a musician. It’s the case of someone who can do something really well insisting they can do lot of others things well. And they can’t. There’s no point in forcing it.”

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  1. I agree with Keith. Unfortunately Bill was not a good songwriter. The 1974 album is pretty round, it has a few cool songs, but that’s about it. Bill’s other albums after that are very weak, the songs are silly, with silly lyrics… That’s it, it was the habit of thinking that it wasn’t enough to be a great bass player, a great musician, it seems that it would only have value if he was a composer also. Which is great nonsense or should it be an inferiority complex on Bill’s part ☹️

  2. With all due respect, I tend to agree with Keith. Monkey Grip even has its few good moments. But after this album, Bill’s songs are horrible, weak lyrics, especially that new wave phase of the 1980s…

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