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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Keith Richards on meeting Mick Jagger again since childhood days

Keith Richards meeting Mick Jagger again…
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Keith Richards on meeting Mick Jagger again since childhood days:
“Right. In a town like Dartford, if anybody’s headed for London or any stop in between, then in Dartford station, you’re bound to meet. The thing about Mick and my meeting was that he was carrying two albums with him – Rockin’ At The Hops, by Chuck Berry, and The Best of Muddy Waters. I had only heard about Muddy up to that point. So we’re on the train and I say, Man, I know all Chuck Berry’s licks. Mick says, You play guitar? He had a little youth club band (Little Boy Blue & the Blue Boys), doing Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran stuff….

He was very heavily into blues, already had his connection – you couldn’t get that music in England … So I invited Mick to my place for a cup of tea. He started playing me these records and I really turned on to it. We were both still living in Dartford, on the edge of London and I was still in art school…. He also knew Dick Taylor from another school they’d gone to and the thing tied up so we try and do something. We’d all go to Dick Taylor’s house, in his back room, some other cats would come along and play, and we’d try to lay some of this Little Walter stuff and Chuck Berry stuff. No drummer or anything. Just two guitars and a little amplifier…”

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