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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Keith Richards about the 1967 bust and Morocco: “We had just started to turn on to acid. Yeah, we had…”

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Keith Richards about the 1967 bust and Morocco:
“We had just started to turn on to acid. Yeah, we had picked it up in America in ‘66, on that last tour in the summer and we came home and just laid back and started to get it on. We had been working for a long time without stopping, without thinking, for along time. For three years. The bust ended it. We knew it was going to be heavy…
The English are very strange. They’re tolerant up to a point where they’re told not to be. You get to a point up there where somebody turns around and swings a little finger. They’ve had it in their hands so long, the power. They haven’t been fucked since Cromwell, man. First they don’t like young kids with a lot of money. But as long as you don’t bother them, that’s cool. But we bothered them. We bothered ’em because of the way we looked, the way we’d act…

Because we never showed any reverence for them whatsoever. Whereas the Beatles had. They’d gone along with it so far, with the MBEs and shaking hands. Whenever we were asked about things like that we’d say, Fuck it. Don’t want to know about things like that. Bullocks. Don’t need it. That riled ’em somewhere… After the bust everyone’s reaction was to get out of England. Although the bust happened in February we weren’t charged then. They just took some substances. We weren’t even arrested. For a while it was hoped that the lawyers could get the whole thing dropped. In the meantime everybody thought the best idea was to get the fuck out of England so nothing else could happen. We decided to go to Morocco.”
(Ref. 1967)


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