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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Keith Richards, about getting offered drugs (1988): “It happens all the time…”

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Keith Richards about getting offered drugs (1988):
“It happens all the time. ‘Here man, you gotta try this shit. It’s real good…’ Even in London. They think it’s going to impress you. But I never take it. Come on, I’m a connoisseur! That’s why I’m still alive. I wouldn’t take stuff off the street. Are you kidding me? It’s rubbish. It’s been stomped on a million times, it’s got strychnine in it. No way. I’ll sometimes take it off them just to be polite but I throw it as soon as they’ve gone. And Ecstasy.

Anything with a name like that I wouldn’t touch! I never went in for those fancy-named drugs. They were invariably useless. I went for the basics. I had my smoke, my dope because I needed it at the time, and cocaine. Those where the three that I knew… The terrible thing about drugs is people get hung up on them. The drugs themselves are benign. It’s the dealers now, the guys that hang around outside the school gates waiting to turn on a little kid. That to me is despicable. I’d shoot the motherfucker if I caught him. That disgusts me. It’s unforgivable… I’ve never recommended drugs or turned anyone on to drugs personally. Even way back, if I had some good dope, I kept it all to myself. I’m selfish, man!”


rolling stones keith richards offered drugs quote 1988

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