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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Keith Richards on the Rolling Stones’ potential (2015): “Well, I’m not sure I’d say…”

Keith Richards on the Rolling Stones’ potential (2015):
“Well, I’m not sure I’d say mission accomplished yet. But I’m very comfortable playing with the Stones at this end of the spectrum, you know? It’s still a turn-on, and the energy is still there with them. This band surprises me on and on, you know? I don’t know how long they’ll bloody well last, but I’ll be there till the end. I do feel the Rolling Stones are still sort of finding themselves (laughs) in a way. A lot of excitement in the band…

As I say, you think you’ve peaked somewhere – but as a band, musically, and within the band, I think there’s a feeling of “there’s more in there yet”. There’s more to find out about the music and about the Rolling Stones. And probably about ourselves. And so you’re sort of driven to do it, you know. I mean, who wants to jump out of a moving bus, man?”


rolling stones potential keith richards quote 2015

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