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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Keith Richards, about the Wingless Angels (1995)

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The Wingless Angels, by Keith Richards

In late 1995, Keith headed to his home in Jamaica intending to holiday, but instead he ended up holding recording sessions with local Rastafarian musicians and friends at his home in Point of View in the country. These musicians record religious Rastafarian music that will end up two years later as the Wingless Angels album, the first one by the band.

Keith Richards quotes about the Wingless Angels (1995):
“The next day there’s a knock on my door, and the only person in the world who could record something like this stood there in front of me – Rob Fraboni, who had just gotten married in Jamaica and who knew the guys. It was really strange. It dawned on me that my holiday would be entirely cancelled, and that some secret forces somewhere had become active. One of the things that can be appreciated most about the Wingless Angels is that they -apart from some members -have never earned a living by making music. They are craftsmen, fishermen and diverse…”

“During the evening they enjoy making music. They play purely for the fun of it. This music is so antique, so ancient. It’s pre-reggae, pre-Jamaican. It’s all about expression, the desire for being cured. And those feelings are as spiritual as I can imagine… I wanted to present a tape to the Jamaican Historical Society. Pure Rasta Nyabinghi, my contribution to the recording of ethnic music.”

keith richards wingless angels quote

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