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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Mick Jagger, when asked if the Rolling Stones breaking up would be a tragedy (1987)


Mick, when asked if the Rolling Stones breaking up would be a tragedy (1987):
“No. Not at all! It’s very funny because while you’re around and in no danger of extinction everyone’s ready to kick you and say, Well, why don’t you just break up? Your band is really pointless, just doing the same thing over and over and over so why don’t you just fuck off and die? And then when you are in danger of extinction they all go, What’s the matter, man? You should reform, man. I mean, it’s the Rolling Stones, maaan. They don’t give a shit about what you feel and what you have to go through to preserve this monstrous image intact. It’s ridiculous…

No one should care if the Rolling Stones have broken up, should they? I mean, when the Beatles broke up I couldn’t give a shit. Thought it was a very good idea. And I don’t believe that the Smiths‘ guitarist has left is of any import to anyone whatsoever. I don’t think anyone should give a shit. But with me people seem to demand that I keep their youthful memories intact in a glass case specifically preserved for them and damn the sacrifices I have to make. Oh, the Stones, it’s part of my youth, man, they say, because they saw you in Hyde Park 18 years ago and they have their fucking conservative little mental picture of you and they don’t want you to change – not that they’ve bought a record of yours in 15 years. Why should I live in the past just for their petty… satisfaction?”


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