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ROLLING STONES QUOTES – Mick Jagger on choosing Ronnie Wood (1975): “They can both play solo. I mean, Keith used to be…”

Mick on choosing Ronnie (1975):
“They can both play solo. I mean, Keith used to be a lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones, remember? Maybe Keith’s gonna have to do more solos. Now he’s gotten kind of into this rhythm guitar thing. I wanted someone that was easy to get on with, you know, that wasn’t too difficult and that was a good player and was used to playing onstage. It’s quite a lot to ask of someone to come and do a big American tour with a band like the Stones, you know? I mean, not that I think the Stones are any really big deal, but it tends to be a bit of a paralyzing experience for people. You know what I mean? And I wanted someone that wasn’t going to be phased out. He can sing… a little. He’ll probably say a lot about that! He can sing. He’s starting to get it together… Onstage he’s got a lot of style. And it’s gotta be fun on the road. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?”

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