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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Keith Richards about Bill Wyman leaving the Stones (2003)

Keith Richards about Bill Wyman leaving the Stones (2003):
“At the end of the Urban Jungle tour Bill said he was leaving the band. I got really pissed with him. I threatened to do everything in the world to him, including death at dawn – as I always say, Nobody leaves this band except in a coffin. But he made up his mind: he’d really started to hate flying, he developed a real fear of flying. Now, this was pretty strange after 25 years, but it happens to people. He was having to drive to every gig, which was knackering him, and sometimes people get to the end of their tether.”

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  1. It seems that Bill started to get weird, full of neuroses, after he got involved in that inappropriate relationship with Mandy. Of course it wasn’t going to end well for either of them.

  2. Well time certainly puts a different spin on things, the music papers of the day were quoted as saying Wyman was livid when he discovered that the accountants were being paid more than him and remonstrated with Jagger and Richards but was met with total apathy from both this is when he decided to quit the band rewriting music history to make themselves look good.

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