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ROLLING STONES TRIVIA: Keith Richards breaks three ribs at home, 1998

Keith Richards breaks three ribs at home, 1998
Back in 1998, Keith was at his home library standing on a chair trying to reach a book when he slipped. Many tomes came pouring down on top of him, leading to an accident which resulted in three broken ribs for and also puncturing a lung and, more over, the Stones postponing their tour. “It was one of those moments where you have to make a decision: Take it in the ribs or take a shot in the temple on the desk,” he remembered. “All part of life’s rich pageant.”.
Keith: “I was looking for Leonardo da Vinci’s book on anatomy. I learned a lot about anatomy but didn’t find the book.”


rolling stones keith richards breaks ribs accident 1998

From the NME:
THE ROLLING STONES have been forced to postpone the start of their European Tour after lead-guitarist Keith Richards (far right) was injured in an accident at the weekend.

The London spokesman for The Stones confirmed that Richards had “fallen from a ladder in the library” of his home in Westchester, Connecticut. Richards’ injuries are described as two cracked ribs and bruising to his chest area. The 54-year-old rocker is recovering at home. The spokesman dismissed as completely false today’s first media reports that Richards had broken many ribs and punctured a lung in the accident.

The Stones’ Bridges To Babylon world tour, which kicked off in Chicago last September, was due to open in Europe at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium this Friday, May 22. The gig is definitely postponed along with subsequent gigs at Munich Olympic Stadium (May 24), Gelsenkirchen Park Stadium (26) and Zagreb Hippodrome (28). All the shows will be re-scheduled.

The spokesman says the four shows already cancelled could be followed by more, although it is too early to confirm. Doctors are monitoring Keith’s condition and will advise the tour’s promoters on the expected length of his recovery. The spokesman agreed that at this stage The Stones could not be sure where or when their European tour would actually commence.
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