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Jim Carroll
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New York City singer and poet whose 1980 debut Catholic Boy was originally supposed to be released on Rolling Stones Records (which featured Bobby Keys as guest on the song “City Drops into the Night”) Mick, Ronnie and Keith (along with Anita) attended his performance at Trax, a New York club, on June 26 that year, where Keith got onstage with Carroll to jam on “People Who Died.”

From Wikipedia:
James Dennis Carroll (August 1, 1949 – September 11, 2009) was an American author, poet, autobiographer, and punk musician. Carroll was best known for his 1978 autobiographical work The Basketball Diaries, which inspired a 1995 film of the same title that starred Leonardo DiCaprio as Carroll, and his 1980 song “People Who Died” with the Jim Carroll Band.

Catholic Boy (1980) is the debut album by The Jim Carroll Band, led by Jim Carroll, who is notable for publishing the 1978 memoir The Basketball Diaries, and poetry collections including Living at the Movies. They were able to secure a recording contract with Atlantic Records with the support of the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards.

The album included arguably the group’s most famous song, “People Who Died”, which is a catalogue of young people Carroll knew growing up who met tragic ends. The album cover shows Carroll standing with his parents, photographed by Annie Leibovitz, outside their apartment block on the corner of Cumming Street and Seaman Avenue in Manhattan, New York City.

Billboard said of Catholic Boy: “Carroll declaims more than he sings; his songs coming in a torrent of words and images. The sensibilities here are similar to Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, but former Rolling Stones label chief Earl McGrath keeps the production well within the mainstream.”

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