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The Rolling Stones and Kenneth Anger’s movie Lucifer Rising
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Lucifer Rising was a 1972 film planned by Kenneth Anger, who cast Mick as Lucifer, and Keith as Beelzebub (Lucifer’s glimmer twin). Anger felt that Keith, Anita, and Brian were witches. The film was not made by the Stones because Mick didn’t want to be anyone’s Lucifer, but it still featured Marianne Faithfull, Chris Jagger and Jimmy Page. Anger finally filmed Lucifer’s Rising with a Jimmy Page soundtrack. However, three years before that, in 1969, Anger’s Invocation of My Demon Brother 12-minute film, which showed several shots of the Rolling Stones in concert at Hyde Park, with an original synthesizer score by Mick.

From Wikipedia:
Lucifer Rising is a short film by director Kenneth Anger. Although virtually completed in 1972, the film was only widely distributed in 1980, after Bobby Beausoleil delivered the finished soundtrack master.
In mid-1966, Anger began renting a flat on the ground floor of the Westerfeld House,referred to by locals as the Russian Embassy, a dilapidated building located at 1198 Fulton Street in the Alamo Square district of San Francisco. Then in his late thirties, Anger began to plan Lucifer Rising, initially intending for it to document the growing countercultural movement as it existed in California. As Anger stated, he wanted to film “today’s new tribe of teenagers, turned-on children – teeny-boppers and adolescent hippies.” Anger was influenced by Aleister Crowley’s descriptions of Lucifer as the light-bearing god, and was inspired by Crowley’s poem “Hymn to Lucifer”. According to his biographer Bill Landis, Anger adopted this deity as a “metaphor for the ultimate bad little boy who could corrupt you without coercion”. In this context, Lucifer is not the devil but a rebellious mythic hero representing the spirit of the artist.
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