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ROLLING STONES TRIVIA: Mick Jagger as Billy the Kid


Mick Jagger as Billy the Kid
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April 15, 1972: It is reported that Mick has accepted the part of Billy The Kid in a film version of Michael McLure’s controversial stage play, The Beard based on an imaginary meeting between Billy The Kid and Jean Harlow. Asked about the project by Radio Luxembourg DJ Kid Jensen, Mick says, “Maybe I’m going to do that, nothing’s been signed or anything. Beard was a play that was on in London. It’s a fantasy, Billy The Kid and Jean Harlow in eternity having a conversation. That’s What it’s about.” But then the project never materialized.

From Britannica.com:
Billy the Kid, byname of William H. Bonney, Jr., original name Henry McCarty?, (born November 23, 1859?, New York, New York, U.S.—died July 14, 1881, Fort Sumner, New Mexico), American outlaw who was one of the most notorious gunfighters of the American West. Although he claimed to have killed 21 men, the actual number is likely less than 10. At about age 21, Billy the Kid was gunned down by Sheriff Pat Garrett.

Born on New York City’s East Side, Billy as a child migrated with his parents to Kansas; his father died there, and the mother and her two boys moved to Colorado, where she remarried. The family moved to New Mexico, and, in his early teens, Billy fell into a career of thievery and lawlessness, wandering throughout the Southwest and northern Mexico, often with gangs. In December 1880 he was captured by Garrett and stood trial for murder in Mesilla, New Mexico, in April 1881; he was found guilty and was sentenced to hang. He escaped jail on April 28, however, killing two deputies, and remained at large until tracked down and ambushed by Garrett, who shot him dead on the evening of July 14 at the ranch home of Pete Maxwell. Billy the Kid’s grave is in Fort Sumner, New Mexico.

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