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About the original name of the ‘Their Satanic Majesties Request’ album
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After Cosmic Christmas (actually the name of a song that the Stones cut during recording sessions), HER SATANIC MAJESTY REQUESTS AND REQUIRES was the second selected title for the THEIR SATANIC MAJESTIES REQUEST album. Eventually Decca (the Stones’ record company at the time) didn’t accept this title because it parodied the words printed on a British passport way too close.

rolling stones satanic majesties album title 1967

From the Stones on Decca page:
The news that a new Stones album is on the way and that it is tentatively titled “Cosmic Christmas” was in the media on October 3rd. A song by the name of “Cosmic Christmas” was actually recorded during the third week of October. That song is included on the acetate for the octagonal sleeve presented on this page. On October 30th Brian is in court and is sentenced to nine months imprisonment.

New information is given on the coming album on November 1st. The new Rolling Stones album will be released later that month and will be named “Her Satanic Majesty Requests And Requires”. The final album is first released in US on November 27th and then in UK on December 8th. The final name is now “Their Satanic Majesties Request”

Brian is commenting the album on December 9th as follows: “Yes, of course the album is a very personal thing. But the Beatles are just as introspective. You have to remember that our entire lives have been affected lately by social-political influences. You have to expect these things to come out of our work”.
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