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Tony Chapman
Early Stones drummer, 1962, in a line-up that included Mick, Keith, Brian, and Ian Stewart. Tony drummed for the band’s debut show at the Marquee on July 12 1962. Later in the year, on October 17, he also recorded a demo with the Stones at Curly Clayton Sound Studios (featuring the songs Soon Forgotten, Close Together and You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover), while still holding his job as a traveling salesman. This prevented him from coming to a lot of rehearsals, and the drum stool was taken over at those times by Mick Avory or Steve Harris.

As the Stones grew more serious, they realized Tony had to go, but they felt that neither Avory nor Harris were suitable (luckily Ray Davies of the Kinks thought that Avory was suitable). Enter Charlie Watts. Ironically, before drumming with the Stones, Chapman was in the Cliftons with Bill. After leaving the Stones, he joined the Preachers, who were managed by Bill. And then after The Preachers, Chapman went on to play drums in The Herd, which featured also a 16-year-old Peter Frampton.


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