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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Keith Richards about Ronnie Wood joining the Stones (1975)

Keith Richards about Ronnie Wood joining the Stones (1975):
“You know with Ronnie we seem to be able to get back to the original idea of the Stones, when Brian was with us in 1962, ’63. Two guitars has always been my particular love because I think there’s more that can be done with that combination than almost any other instrument. But what screws most of that up, and this is the bag I fell into with Mick Taylor – whom I love deeply and I think is one of the most incredible guitar players in that kind of music you’ll ever get a chance to hear – is that there’s this phony division between lead and rhythm guitar. It does not exist…

Either you’re a guitar player or you’re not. And if you are a guitar player with another guitar player, there’s no point in designing one thing to one… there’s no freedom there. This way with Ronnie is more like what it was with Brian, because we had basically the same ideas about guitar when Brian was still very interested in guitar. It’s two guitar players and one sound.”


ronnie wood joining stones keith richards quote 1975

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