rolling stones you got the silver 1969unreleased

ROLLING STONES UNRELEASED: ‘YOU GOT THE SILVER’ (alt. version, Mick Jagger on vocals, 1969)

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Rolling Stones unreleased: You Got the Silver (alternate take, Mick Jagger on vocals)

Written by: Jagger/Richard
Recorded: Olympic Sound Studios, London, England, Feb. 9-18 1969
Guest musicians: Nicky Hopkins (piano)
*Data taken from Martin Elliott’s book THE ROLLING STONES COMPLETE RECORDING SESSIONS 1962-2012

Recorded back in 1969, this alternative take on the classic song with Mick on vocals offers a fresh perspective on the band’s sound. As Jagger takes the helm, his distinctive voice imbues the track with a unique energy and intensity. The rawness of his vocals adds an unfiltered charm to the performance, making this rendition a true collector’s item for Rolling Stones aficionados.’You Got the Silver’ is a testament to the band’s incredible songwriting abilities, anchored by Keith Richards’ mesmerizing guitar work.

This alternate version allows us to peek behind the curtain and witness the creative process of the Rolling Stones in action. It serves as a reminder of the band’s ability to experiment and evolve within the realm of rock ‘n’ roll.While it may have remained hidden for decades, this previously unreleased version of ‘You Got the Silver’ gives fans a tantalizing glimpse into the band’s rich musical tapestry. It serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Rolling Stones and their continued relevance in the annals of rock history. you got the silver alternate