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ROLLING STONES ON VIDEO: Keith Richards on Friday Night Videos (US TV, 1986)

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June 11, 1986: Keith is interviewed and performs for Friday Night Videos (U.S. TV) at studios in New York City, backed by Paul Schaffer and Marcus Miller.


From Wikipedia:
Friday Night Videos (later becoming Friday Night and then Late Friday) is an American music video show that was broadcast on NBC from July 29, 1983 to May 24, 2002. It was the network’s attempt to capitalize on the emerging popularity of music videos as seen on MTV. From January 5, 2001 to August 30, 2002, the show changed to Late Friday showcasing new stand-up comedian talent with original video of sets from a stand-up club like setting, with an established comedian as guest host.

Friday Night Videos was initially produced by Dick Ebersol. From 1974 until 1981, in his role as Director of Late Night Programming at NBC, he co-produced The Midnight Special with that series’ creator, Burt Sugarman. Ebersol departed from The Midnight Special in 1981 to take over as the executive producer of his co-creation with Lorne Michaels, Saturday Night Live. Upon doing this, The Midnight Special was canceled and replaced by the Canadian-import sketch comedy program SCTV, which turned out to be a placeholder on NBC’s late Friday night/early Saturday morning schedule for a two-year period. SCTV was a quick, cheap solution to an emergency scheduling gap created by Ebersol’s urgent departure and was probably not intended to be permanent to start with.

As such, while at SNL, a show that had just gotten back on its feet after some years of decline due to break-out cast members such as Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo, Ebersol decided that he would attempt another Friday night music-based program and, instead of simply reviving The Midnight Special, his idea grew into what would become Friday Night Videos, which would replace SCTV in 1983; that show ran for one more year on the pay cable channel Cinemax in the U.S. before discontinuing production in 1984.

In its early years, MTV was still a phenomenon that only a minority of Americans actually could see in their homes, as there were many areas not yet serviced by cable television (particularly rural areas and inner-city neighborhoods), and not all cable television providers offered MTV at first. Friday Night Videos took advantage of that fact and proved to be the next best thing for many viewers. While it primarily showcased music videos by popular top 40 acts of the day, unlike its cable rival, Friday Night Videos tended to offer more variety. As such, it featured artists from the genres of pop, rock, R&B, and rap.

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