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ROLLING STONES ON VIDEO: ‘Little Red Rooster’ (Shindig!, TV 1965)

LITTLE RED ROOSTER, Shindig! (ABC, US TV, May 20 1965)
The song was given a peculiar dramatic staging on Shindig!: an overgrowth of leafy branches, a dilapidate wall, and an imposing Victorian doorframe lit by flashes of mock lightning opens onto Mick’s silhouette. The camera advances slowly toward Jagger; who’s flipping a switchblade in his hand. Over the course of the song, enhanced by the chiaroscuro effect of the lighting, the camera dramatizes Mick’s seductive menace by zooming into a tight close-up of Jagger’s face as he sneers, bares his teeth, stares into the camera, and licks his lips like the Big Bad Wolf, singing “I am the little red rooster”.


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