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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Keith Richards, about the Stones being ‘not a nostalgia band’ (1997)

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Keith Richards, about the Stones being ‘not a nostalgia band’ (1997):
“Nobody in the band ever talks about the band’s longevity amongst themselves or puts their finger on it. I think some of it is just what you do, and if you don’t do it, you go nuts, and the other is how far can it go, you know. We still feel we’re getting better and we have things to offer you know, and we ain’t The Beach Boys, some nostalgia band, you know what I mean. There’s plenty of nostalgia, obviously, after all these years involved, but I mean we don’t rely on it alone. I mean our main joy is to make new songs – nostalgia (laughs) in a way it’s ah… and nobody wants to get off the bus, because it’s still going, you know. It’s very difficult, you hurt yourself getting off buses when they’re moving. Do not alight while moving.”


rolling stones keith richards nostalgia quote 1997

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