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ROLLING STONES ON VIDEO: Music Scene promos TV 1969, Pt. 1

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Rolling Stones Music Scene promos 1

The Stones making promos for the TV program Music Scene (US TV), June 13 1969, including Keith as an astronaut! Existing promos initially used to sell this show to ABC affiliates featured the improvisational group The Committee, as well as the Rolling Stones. The promos implied that the Stones would be appearing with some regularity on the program. However by the time ‘Music Scene’ went on the air, the Committee was nowhere to be seen and the Stones never appeared on the show.

From Wikipedia:
The Music Scene was conceived as a musical-variety show with rotating hosts and contemporary rock and pop artists. It led a completely revamped Monday night schedule, reflecting ABC’s effort to balance programming that targeted younger viewers with legacy shows catering to an older audience, such as The Lawrence Welk Show.

The odd 45-minute length of the show was designed to break what ABC called the viewers’ “almost automatic inclination” to tune in to NBC at 8:00 pm for Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In. The theory was that when The Music Scene was over at 8:15 pm, the network would go immediately into The New People, and Laugh-In would be forgotten.

According to producer Ken Fritz, The Music Scene was to be centered around the latest chart hit records, previewing new artists and their recordings as based on information supplied by Billboard magazine. Stan Harris was director and co-producer. Carl Gottlieb, who had worked on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in the previous television season, was lead writer.
As originally conceived, the broadcast was to showcase popular recordings topping the charts in every major category, which ABC classified as Long Playing Records, Country-and-Western, Rhythm and Blues, Easy Listening, and Comedy Albums.

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