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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Joe Jagger (Mick’s father) on Mick’s early days as a performer: “I would have preferred him to…”

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Joe Jagger (Mick’s father) on Mick’s early days as a performer:
“I would have preferred him to become a sportsman, but Mick set off right from the start to be independent. He was about thirteen or fourteen when we found he was listening to pop music. Eventually he and his friends graduated to the bottom of the garden. While one of them played, Mick and the others would sing. His mother and I never interfered because it used to sound quite good… He worked hard for his O-levels, although he was always a rebel at school. In the holidays after he took A-levels he had an ice-cream tricycle to earn pocket money. I remember taking the exam results to him and he couldn’t believe how good they were….

In 1960 Alexis Korner asked Mick to sing at the Marquee. He phoned my wife several times to say we should go along and see him, but we never got round to it. Then Mick joined another group, and I went along to buy the instruments -or at least stand in te background with the money. I didn’t realise how well he was getting on till he started using the phone a great deal. It was only when they grew their hair long that a change came about. At first he and his group were just the sort of youngsters any parent could be proud of.”


rolling stones mick jagger quote joe jagger

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