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ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Keith Richards and Mick Jagger about John Lennon being killed

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About John Lennon being killed, by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger
Keith Richards (1984): “Yeah, John and I, we hung out for a short period of time but it was quite intense. We used to hang out around ’67, ’68, drive around England for like days on end. And he was a sweet guy, he had a load of front – as they say in England, more front than Harrods…

You know, he had a large exterior in that he was a real sweetheart of a guy. And if there was one way that guy shouldn’t have gone, it was like that. But, at the same time, knowing John, I can imagine that he probably cracked a joke to himself as it happened. John was THAT human, you know… I was just down the road when it happened and it – There’s a million other people that it could’ve happened to, you know… Come on, look what that guy gave and look what he got in return.”

Mick Jagger (1995): He wrote really wonderful songs and performed them wonderfully… Great songwriting, great personality, and he had all these other sides, which added to it: the writing, the drawing, the little books, the all-embracing, modernistic push, which was refreshing without being pretentious. I was very sad and surprised when I heard he had been shot. And it was all so horribly ironic…

He thought he had found a place to be on his own, have this life, and he was quite taken with the idea that he was no longer in the Beatles, that he didn’t have to have a lot of protection, bodyguards…. He wanted freedom to walk the block and get in the cab, and he felt in these big cities you can be anonymous. I just felt very sad for the lost of someone that I loved very much. I didn’t write it up as a piece in The Guardian.”


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