rolling stones keith richards quote 1975Quotes

ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Keith Richards on his music style (1975)

Keith Richards on his music style (1975):
“My style ? Ha. I just keep bashing away at it. Its pretty straightforward, but I love to play like that. I’m still learning, but it takes me an incredibly long while to learn new things. But I’m always conscious of the roots of the music, y’know. I wouldn’t like to lose sight of those. I didn’t say I was a rhythm guitarist, other people made my reputation for me. After Brian died I started listening to our records and hearing what people liked in what we’d done. And I realised that what had turned me on in Chuck Berry and people like that, was turning them on in what we were doing. So there’s a certain continuity in the whole thing”

rolling stones keith richards music style quote 1975

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