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ROLLING STONES QUOTES – Keith Richards, when he was asked about the Stones writing songs about sex and drugs and rock’n ‘roll (1983)

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Keith, when he was asked about the Stones penchant for “writing songs about sex and drugs and rock and roll” (1983): “We don’t know much about anything else. It seems that and violence is playing a greater role in the world. We’re that great old cliché, a mirror of society. I love clichés, they’re so true and so boring, but there are horrible elements of truth in cliché. To me this album (Undercover) is a little bit of a brother to Beggars Banquet…

When there’s too much crap going down, you find yourself writing about it and singing about it. We never stepped out of our way to be political or sociologically interesting. ‘Undercover Of The Night‘ is basically about Central America: ‘Oops a daisy, here we go again,’ the possibilities and the confusion and the stupidity of not leaving people alone. I was reading something the Other day that said, ‘If the system’s the answer, it must have been a bloody stupid question.’ “


keith richards quote sex drugs rock and roll songs 1983

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