mick jagger quote september 11 2001Quotes

ROLLING STONES QUOTES -Mick Jagger on the terrorist attacks (2001): “I was in a state of shock because…”

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Mick on the terrorist attacks (2001):
“I was in a state of shock because my daughter Elizabeth lives about 15 blocks away in New York City. We couldn’t get through. In the evening, we managed to get through via South Africa, which was really weird. What I feel from a lot of my American friends, although they’re not really able to put it into words, is a sense of violation. It’s a horrible thing to have that feeling broken – that America was this place where they all felt safe… I lived in New York City for a long time so I have a huge sympathy with the town. I identified with it perhaps more than any other city in the United States so I know it very well. Yeah, you feel a great closeness especially when there’s trouble, you do.”

mick jagger quote september 11 2001

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